Bravo World Champions (Period 4/2016)

Some familiar faces have reascended to the top of the mountain to once again claim the Bravo Food Service World Championship Belt for Period 4 of 2016. In Alabama, Danny Gentry of our Pell City store who was our Period 1 winner has taken down the two time defending Champion Ricky Robinson and is now back holding the gold. In Louisiana, our other┬áPeriod 1 winner Haldon ‘Max’ Fetty from our Perkins Road location has once again became the Champion for our Louisiana Market. The challenge is officially on for all of other RM’s to ensure we have some new Champions to celebrate for Period 5. Good luck!

Bravo Foods Belt Winner April

Left to right: Jody Files (Market Director), Matthew Arias (CEO), Danny Gentry (RM of Pell City/Reigning Champion)

bravo belt winner april

Haldon ‘Max’ Fetty (RM of Perkins Road/Reigning Champion)

First Referral Bonus Recipient!

We are excited to announce the first recipient of the Bravo Foods referral bonus. Our first recipient is Janice Jackson. Janice will receive $1,000 from Bravo Foods for the referral and subsequent success of Tonya Davis. We encourage all of our management team to follow in Janice’s footsteps so we can give away even more of this referral bonus money!

Referral Pic

Left to right: Matthew Arias (COO), Janice Jackson (Check Recipient), Tonya Davis (Referred Employee)

Bravo World Champions (Period 3/2016)

It has come time to crown the Period 3 Bravo World Champion(s) and once again the same people/restaurants are taking down the gold. Ricky Robinson from our Huffman Location is the repeat Champion for our Alabama locations. The challenge is now officially on for one of our Alabama RM’s to unseat the reigning and defending Champion. In regards to our Louisiana Operation, our Lee Drive Location was once again the Winner of the Bravo World Championship. The challenge is on now for Louisiana and their RM’s to unseat this store and it’s reign as Champion. Good luck to the Champs and the contenders as we start Period 4!

IMG_0088-1 (2)

Left to right: Tim Robinson (Operation Support Manager), Janice Jackson (Market Director), Matthew Arias (COO), Ricky Robinson (RM of Huffman – World Champion)

IMG_0087-1 (2)

Left to right: Tim Robinson (Operation Support Manager), Matthew Arias (COO), Jon Hover (ZBC – Accepting Championship for Lee Drive), Jeff Nice (Market Director)

Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Winners!

In conjunction with Little Caesars bringing back the Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza, Bravo Food Service ran a contest in which our top performing Zone Business Coaches/Restaurant Managers put their names in a hat weekly during the course of this promotion. We then held a drawing from those names and the below individuals had their names drawn and won a new IPad. We congratulate the following winners:

IMG_0089 (2)

Left to right: Jody Files (Market Director), Matthew Arias (COO), Scott Sessions (ZBC/Contest Winner)

IMG_0090 (2)

Left to right: Janice Jackson (Market Director), Matthew Arias (COO), Arlesia Parham (ZBC/Contest Winner)

Recent Customer Compliments

It always brings us great pleasure to share compliments that our guests provide us in regards to the service they receive in one of our restaurants. Please see below for a couple of recent situations in which our guests decided to make sure their service was recognized. Keep up the good work!

Store: Hoover

“The young lady that took my order who’s name was ‘Smiley’ was extremely upbeat and welcoming. She made me feel like your company wanted my business and it was her pleasure to wait on me as your guest. She also appeared to be enjoying her job, which is always nice to see. Thank you as a company for hiring this young lady. I plan on relaying this positive experience to all of my co-workers.”

Store: Oneonta

“I just wanted to express my thanks for the company bringing back the Deep Dish Bacon Wrapped Pizza. It is the best tasting pizza in the world!”

Store: Tuscaloosa

I live in the Tuscaloosa, AL area and you all opened a store there recently. As I was driving by, I saw an individual with Down’s Syndrome waving a sign outside, and I became very very excited. I’m so happy and proud that you all are participating in equal opportunity employment! It makes me glad to see a business give a chance to those who don’t get very many. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”